Meteor Detection Radar (EMDR)

The Enhanced Meteor Detection Radar System (EMDR) is designed specifically for wind profiling in the Mesosphere Lower Thermosphere (MLT) region (70-110 km) by tracking the drift of ionisation trails left by meteoroids as they fall through the atmosphere.

Ionospheric Analyser (SIA24/6)

ATRAD's Steerable Ionospheric Analyser (SIA) has been designed specifically to observe ionospheric irregularities and their east-west drift in the E and F regions. The radar operates as a coherent Doppler back-scatter radar, with the radar beam to directed perpendicularly to the geomagnetic field at E or F region heights.

MF/HF Partial Reflection Radar

The ATRAD Medium Frequency Radar System (MF) has been specifically designed for profiling at heights between 50 and 110 kilometers and addresses the widest possible range of research applications providing high performance, flexible and cost-effective solutions.

MF/HF/VHF Remote receiver

The ATRAD Remote Receiver is a complete standalone receiving system with six channels for use with remote transmitters or radars operating in the MF, HF, and VHF frequency bands. This allows for the design of complex multi-station applications.