The ATRAD Atmospheric Boundary Layer Radar Systems BLR12/27 has been specifically designed for wind profiling a localised area at heights between 300 metres and 8 kilometres above ground level. Typical system configurations include a 12kW solid-state transmitter and 27 three-element Yagi antenna array. System frequency is set at factory within the range of 30 – 64 MHz.






The BLR12/27 has many applications, which include:

  • Weather forecasting and now-casting
  • Atmospheric and meteorological research
  • Monitoring atmospheric pollutant dispersal
  • Wind profiling for airports and aircraft landing strips
  • Rocket launch support
  • Special event locations
  • Weather balloon launch sites
  • Glider and commercial ballooning sites


  • Data acquisition and analysis

Exciter: Single channel, 16-Bit
Measurement range: 300m-8,000m
Range resolution: 100m – 4,000m (software selectable)
Range gates: Up to 6,000
Analysis modes & displays: Full Correlation Analysis, Wind Barb, Wind Field, Wind Profile, SNR Profile
Data output formats: BUFR, AXF
Remote Control: Remote monitoring and control via internet, Ethernet or dialup modem

  • Transmitter/Receiver

Receiver: 3-Channel, 16-bit
Frequency: 30-64 MHz (Fixed frequency)
Transmitter power: 12kW  (also available in 20kW)
Combiner method: Transmitter module outputs combined and then split; provides improved phase matching and allows for graceful degradation.
Transmit/receive switching: T/R switches integrated in combiner/splitter unit
AC Mains Power: 220-240V AC 3-Phase or 110-120V AC 3-Phase

  • Antenna array

27 three-element Yagi Antennas arranged in three groups of 9 antennas. Can be supplied in all-stainless steel construction, or aluminium and galvanised steel.

Antenna Array Footprint (at 55 MHz): 32.1m x 32.1m