Upgrade of Vaisala’s LAP-12000 wind profiler in South Uist, UK (UK Met Office)

Upgrade summary

Antenna Array

  1. Replace 36  x 1:4 splitter cables in antenna array.P1010079_m
  2. Install flexible conduit over splitter cable tails.
  3. Replace antenna anti-vibration guy lines.


  1. Remove existing equipment racks (80kW valve transmitter, beam steering unit, T/R switches, Vaisala receiver, Vaisala power supplies, Vaisala computers and acquisition/analysis, UPS).
  2. Install ATRAD 40kW solid state transmitter
  3. Install ATRAD beam steering unit incl T/R switches and 1:6 splitter.
  4. Install ATRAD digital transceiver, computers (main and standby), ATRAD acquisition and analysis, network switch and UPS.


  1. Improved maximum height coverage to 15-17km (with half the peak output power, 80kW down to 40kW)
  2. Improved minimum height coverage from 1.5km to 450m
  3. Improved reliability and maintainability
  4. Significantly improved data availability
  5. Reduced OH&S risks by replacing high voltage transmitter


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