Enhanced Meteor Detection Radar – EMDR

The Enhanced Meteor Detection Radar System (EMDR) is designed specifically for wind profiling in the Mesosphere Lower Thermosphere (MLT) region (70-110 km) by tracking the drift of ionisation trails left by meteoroids as they fall through the atmosphere.

The system is designed to support both attended and unattended operation. It can be operated and monitored remotely and data can be automatically analysed and posted to an web site. It may be readily expanded to accommodate higher power operation and to include Boundary Layer Spaced Antenna operation.




The EMDR has many applications, which include:

  • Wind and temperature profiling
  • Meteor astronomy
  • Rocket launch support
  • Meteor tracking and recording
  • Atmospheric research
  • Data acquisition and analysis

Exciter: Single Channel, 16-Bit
Pulse Repetition Frequency: 5 kHz (max)
Sounding Range: 70-220km; 110 at 80°
Range Resolution: 100m – 4,000m (software selectable)
Range Gates: Up to 6,000
Remote Control: Remote monitoring and control via internet, Ethernet or dialup modem

  • Transmitter/Receiver

Receiver: 5-Channel, 16-bit
Frequency: 30-60 MHz (Fixed frequency)
Transmitter power: 8kW, 20kW and 40kW
Combiner method: Transmitter module outputs combined and then split; provides improved phase matching and allows for graceful degradation.
AC Mains Power: 220-240V AC or 110-120V AC 3-Phase

  • Antenna array

Transmit Antenna: Single transmit antenna, linearly polarised crossed-dipoles
Receiver array configuration: 5-Antenna  all-sky Interferometer