ATRAD radar systems are supplied with a sophisticated analysis and display suite (ADS) developed by ATRAD. This suite supports:

  • Realtime┬ádisplay and analysis
  • Offline display and analysis
  • Data post-analysis

The ADS module supports most data formats commonly used by researchers and operators of radar systems.

Standard analysis modules available include:

  • FCA: full correlation analysis
  • SCA: spatial correlation analysis
  • DBS: Doppler beam steering
  • MET[temp]: meteor temperature analysis
  • MET[vel]: meteor velocity analysis
  • MET[mpc]: meteor phase correlation
  • MET[mrad]: meteor radiant determination
  • IDI: imaging Doppler Interferometry
  • FDI: frequency domain interferometry
  • DAE: differential absorption experiment
  • IDBS: Ionospheric Doppler beam steering